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The Village Deli & Pasta Shoppe


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The Village Deli & Pasta Shoppe is a restaurant located in the heart of Brampton, Ontario. For many years they have had the privilege of serving many regulars who have enjoyed the warmth of the community and the shop owners alike. They also enjoy catering to first-time visitors who run in to grab a quick coffee or sandwich on their way to catch the train next door. They specialize in fresh pasta, made in-house, and are famous for their lunch hot table that leave people talking. This mom-and-pop shop was successful but in desperate need of a facelift. That’s where we came in. Working with the talented people at Faduchi Group, we were able to develop a brand that  communicated who they were without making it seem like “much has changed.”


Behind The Bike

Whenever I work on developing a brand identity, I am constantly making every effort to extract their core values, their true voice, and what they really offer to the public. In this case, it was more than just food. It would’ve been easy enough to make the logo centered around a sandwich, but that didn’t convey the essence or true value of this place. The main thing offered, besides the obvious, is community. The people who come to this shop make it part of their routine and their attendance is like clockwork. So why a bike? In doing some research, I found images of delicatessens of the past and they usually had one thing in common (besides their fantastic window signs): most patrons arrived at them on bike! This was part of the coming together; riding the bicycle down to the shop to meet with friends.



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