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Tamp Coffee Co. was established in 2012 with their first location in the Village Square in Burlington, Ontario, owned and operated by competitive barista Jimmy Zereneh. In no time, this independent specialty coffee bar has come to enjoy the company of many regulars as well a constant stream of new faces. In response to this growing popularity Jimmy opened a second location, boasting the same uncompromising quality and keeping hot the same insatiable passion for coffee. This is an intentionally small operation that enjoys the benefits of great attention to detail, as well as the ability to support the coffee community by working closely with micro direct coffee traders and roaster locally and globally.

With a desire to create a brand that is scalable from one shop to a couple more, I was approached to develop the brand identity system, through which I developed the logo and brand’s visual expression, including everything from the typefaces and colours used to packaging, from the menus to signage and some interior design details. The brand has received great feedback and both shops have seen a tremendous following and consistent buzz develop.

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