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I was approached by the exuberant and bubbly Natasha Boshoff, a professional, yet wide-eyed young photographer who was looking to make the right step toward establishing her business. After a few meetings over great coffee tackling some fun yet thought-provoking brand exercises, we uncovered some things about her and her company that may have not been discovered otherwise.

One of the things we determined is that the brand name needs to be flexible enough to encompass video as well as photography services, based on her vision for the future of the company and her current offerings. We also used these exercises to define who she was as a professional and who she was not, assessing how to best position her and her company to bring in the work she loved to do.

Through our brand exercises we determined that the overall tone of the identity needed to be one that is sincere, approachable, momentous, and refined. On one hand, the word “Hilite” is a nod to the photographic term “highlight”, yet on the other hand, it suggests that the subject of the photo—be it a blushing bride or a busted up sign that sits at the top of an old factory—is the highlight. That which is seen through the lens is the main focus of that photograph and nothing will steal that moment away from them because it is beautifully and forever captured.

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