An award-winning designer, creative director, and writer, specializing in brand design and strategy.

Drawing on years of experience working with highly recognized design studios and creative agencies, as well as in-house with non-profits, Rony has built a vast understanding of what it takes to design brand experiences that people want to identify with. These skills paired with Rony’s vast network of creative and technical professionals afford him the opportunity to provide clients with impressive and effective solutions, building brand cohesion on multiple touchpoints. Rony partners with start-ups and leading brands to develop experiences that connect with people both tangibly and viscerally.

Over the years, Rony has been fortunate to have his work recognized and awarded by Applied Arts Magazine, Logo Lounge, and The Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC).  

Branding & Identity


The branding process is foundational, helping to develop your story, voice, aesthetic, and overall identity system of your brand. This happens through a process of brand auditing and exploration, strategizing, designing and testing, and interacting with you and your tribe to ensure that your brand is engaging well with the public, and communicating accurately and honestly.

Creative Direction


It’s the synergy of business and creative that will make your efforts worth it. Creative direction involves directing and overseeing all creative elements of your business, ensuring every aspect is cohesive and in line with a singular vision and meets your business goals successfully.

Digital Design


Designing a website or app is more than just making something beautiful, but involves a thoughtful process of designing the experience as a whole—how one will navigate to and from every element of your site or software. This process involves considering everything from discovering why and how users will interact with your product, to wireframe development, to designing and prototyping, to quality assurance, all in efforts to create the ideal experience for your users.

Lettering & Illustration


These practices are not just beautiful and delightful, but when done strategically, can afford brands the opportunity to differentiate themselves in a manner that is unique and completely custom. Throughout history, many brands have experienced gains through the value these disciplines have added to their brand expression, understanding their powerful and significant role in enhancing brand recognition. This manifests itself in assets such as iconography, murals, custom lettering and typefaces for products, among many others.

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