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Lettuce Love Café


Faduchi Group


Brand identity, stationery and collateral, environmental, interior/exterior design, advertising, copywriting, apparel, photography

Kindfood Café needed to rebrand—the needed a fresh face and a new name. This local favourite has maintained a California-style restaurant with a friendly and warm family feel. This restaurant has seen much success and has branched out into other specialty shops and ventures and now has a large focus on those. To keep the spirit of this place alive they are looking to turn Kindfood Café into a reproducible shop with franchising opportunities, should they choose to go that route. They came up with the name Lettuce Love Café, as they are a gfv restaurant, revolving heavily around “love”—loving others, loving the planet, loving their bodies enough to feeding them well. Todd Neilson drew up the concept for this logo and he let me go to town in Adobe Illustrator to satisfy my OCD and help make this logo come to life.

1_LLC_Logo 2_LLC_Logos 3_LLC_Logo_spec 4_LLC_Stationary 5_LLC_Menu 6_LLC_Poster 7_LLC_insta 8_LLC_Taste_Ad 9_LLC_Window