Food Lettering • Lettuce Love Café Anniversary Poster


Lettuce Love Café


Faduchi Group

This is a poster I made together with Todd Neilson (Creative Director of Faduchi Group) for one of our clients’ anniversary. It was great to be able to put this together at their actual restaurant, on one of their actual tables. Real food in the real environment.

We built this brand and a relationship with the owners of the establishment that allowed us to take some fun creative liberties; this was one of them and it was very well accepted. No spices were injured in creating this piece, and though some may see it as wasteful, it promoted the anniversary well enough to make up for any used product.

Rough Sketches

I roughed out the initial sketches with pencil, to help me establish the letter spacing, sizing, flow, and layout. After that I began to refine the lettering using a Tombow Dualbrush pen which I used to give me even more accurate representation of the modulation. (contrasting thick and thin strokes of the letters). This all helped give me a guide to work from.

Spicing It Up

The final piece was made out of actual spices from the kitchen. Luckily enough we didn’t need to use too much, and I’m especially glad I didn’t accidentally rub my eyes at all during that. Being able to do this piece at the actual restaurant during open hours was a fantastic way to get people talking—it seemed the regulars and guests alike enjoyed watching the process.